Recent Articles

John’s articles appear in such diverse publications as the scientific journal Environmental Health Perspectives to the adventure-oriented Canoe & Kayak. Here is a sampling:

No River for Old Men-- The December, 2010, issue of Canoe & Kayak features John’s riveting account of a canoe trip gone awry on Oregon’s Owyhee River. No River for Old Men showcases John’s ability to capture character details and setting, as well as write a fast-paced narrative. The story also features John’s photography.

Environmental Health Impacts of Hurricane Sandy.-- In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences sent John to New York and New Jersey to cover the environmental health impacts of that storm. His story, featured in the May, 2013, issue of Environmental Health Perspectives, examines the pernicious effects of mold, the crucial role of volunteers, and the challenges coastal residents face in moving out of harm's way.

Appalachian Trail: The peak of perfection.-- John uses the sights, sounds, and smells of the Appalachian Mountains to transport the reader to the top of the nation's most beloved trail. In this article for the January 2012 issue of Our State, John interweaves personnel experience with larger issues impacting the quality of the trail experience.

Plumbing the Depths—The federal government has recently opened 2.9 million acres of ocean bottom off North Carolina and Virginia for offshore oil and gas leases. This feature in Wildlife in North Carolina outlines the challenge of safely drilling and transporting oil in an area renowned for swirling ocean currents and high concentrations of endangered sea turtles and sea birds.

Tar Heel Pride—In the midst of a recession, North Carolinians are volunteering in droves to help construct a thousand-mile-long hiking trail from Clingman’s Dome in the Smoky Mountains to Jockey’s Ridge on the Outer Banks. Read in Appalachia about the history of this trail, the people who are making it a reality, and the challenges that remain to completing it.

Pools of Hope—Published in the Nov/December, 2009, issue of Orion, this essay heralds the beauty of water gardens and argues for their place in providing refuge for amphibians and reptiles in a drying planet.  

River Dance— Short pieces often deliver the greatest punch. This lyrical essay from Canoe & Kayak illustrates John’s ability to bring his heart into writing about nature and the environment.