Hope Valley

Hope Valley (Red Lodge Press) tells the story of Hurley and Opal Cates, retired factory workers who live on a hilltop farm at the edge of fast-developing Durham, North Carolina. Hurley is determined to protect “his” land and conservative social values at all cost, but when a young, female couple moves into the house next door, both are sorely challenged.

In alternately humorous and heart-rending passages, Hope Valley portrays each character’s struggle to promote his or her values and to understand the other’s. As such, it is a parable for finding common ground in the cultural divide that currently threatens our society.

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Hope Valley

Author's Praise for Hope Valley

“With humor and pathos, John Manuel captures a way of life fast fading from the American scene. This is a compelling and timeless story of the necessity of adapting to change.”

Anna Jean Mayhew, The Dry Grass of August

“The changes along Hope Valley Road in John Manuel’s novel mirror the cultural changes that are testing our nation. Some of his characters bend, some break. The ones still standing in the end persevere with strength, grace, and humility that we will all need to survive.”

Jay Erskine Leutze, Stand Up That Mountain

“As the Old South turns into the New, traditional ways of life are challenged and changed. In John Manuel’s timely novel, two generations of one family come to a parting of the ways, and controversial neighbors arrive. Vivid characters enrich this archetypal story and make for a rich, rewarding read.”

Lee Smith, Dimestore, A Writer’s Life