Articles and Stories

Since the early 1990s, John has written feature stories for environmental and outdoor magazines and websites. The bulk of his articles have been published in the National Institute of Environmental Health Science’s Environmental Health Perspectives. These can be accessed on the web at John has also written dozens of stories for Wildlife in North Carolina. A recent example is “The Tar Heel Trail”. Finally, John was a long-standing contributor to Canoe and Kayak magazine before its closure in 2017. His most memorable article is “No River For Old Men.”

John also enjoys creative non-fiction. His story, “All The King’s Men” about a Southern family’s divergent aspirations for the conservation of their ancestral plantation was published in The New Southerner.

Short stories have captured John’s attention since high school and he has branched out to writing his own. “Steady Color,” published in The Savannah Anthology, tells the story of two men whose fishing trip to the Caribbean becomes a test of wills and a confessional. 

Savannah Anthology